Why no Cash on Delivery (CoD)

We know that Cash on Delivery (CoD) is one of the most popular method of payments for shopping online in India, and even after knowing that we have opted out of offering the same. You would be wondering why, and we thought to share with you what we think about Cash on Delivery (COD)

We believe that Cash on Delivery is a harm to the economy, environment and also the business.

We are a for profit organisation and are here to offer you best possible products and service and make a profit out of it.

Cash on delivery promotes the usage of Cash which is harmful to the economic condition of the country, results in a lot of wastage which is harmful to the environment, and creates a lot of expenses which is harmful to our business.

Misconception about CoD
It is a perception that while opting the COD (Cash On Delivery) option, the customer pays only after the order is received, but in reality this never happens, as the customer pays to the delivery boy in advance before opening the package (Or else he won’t let him open it). So, in a way, you are not paying it after receiving the package, as assumed.

Trust issues when making online payments
If you’ve not placed an order with us before, the first question that may come to your mind - What if I pay online and we don't send your order ?

We value each of our customers at the highest level. 
  • We’ve worked very hard to build a reputation, and have been in business since 2014.
  • We have a good amount of Social media presence & following. (Instagram, Facebook)
  • We have more than 900 verified reviews on our website.
  • We have a lot of influencers working with us who help us promote our brand.

So the last thing we would want is to spoil our reputation and loose out on customers by not sending orders that we work so hard to get.

Now Even with Cash On Delivery, there is no way you can ensure that the specific product you ordered is in the package the courier boy is holding. 


COD order Cancelation
While placing a CoD order, the customer is absolutely non-committed as there is no compulsion of accepting the order. This creates a lot of fraudulent orders and also a lot of customers may change their mind till the time the order reaches them. We are not saying that all CoD customers would reject the packages, but it encourages a lot of cancellations.
In such cases we suffer a complete loss as this results in us having all costs but ending up in not selling the product at all. A few examples:

  1. Shipping charges for sending and bringing back the product
  2. The man hours consumed to handle the order
  3. Wastage of Packaging Materials, resulting in harm to the environment
  4. Blocked inventory cost
  5. Sourcing costs
  6. Marketing costs

So if we provide you COD, it ends up in adding all these costs to the prices of the products, whose burden is ultimately borne by the genuine customers.

Given all these factors and to pass on the entire benefit to the genuine customers, we preferred to opt out of this easy looking and so as to say most preferred payment option of Cash on Delivery.

We are also promoting Contact-less delivery as the Covid Pandemic has taught us much!

We hope, that you understand the effects of COD and would also like to contribute towards a Cashless economy as endeavoured by our beloved Prime Minister.

We urge you & all other business providing CoD to discourage Cash on Delivery so that genuine business is promoted. We need your support, we need you to join this initiative, if you agree please share the word with others as well and help in making India a cashless and digital economy.