Its been 7 Years & counting... - Zooomberg
December 01, 2021

Its been 7 Years & counting...

15th Sept 2021

Firstly I really hope that you all are doing well and trying your best to remain safe during these tough times of the Pandemic; & following all possible Covid Safety protocols. Health definitely comes first. So be healthy & fit & take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others as well.

And yes that's right, We are completing 7 years this august. I had launched Zooomberg in August 2014, and what a journey it has been. These 7 years have passed like a blink of an eye for me. The ups & downs have been breathtaking. We as a company have received tremendous amount of love from you all. I have learned every single day & still continue too.

All this while you must have been wondering that where are we. Well to be honest, times have not been the best for us. We have been fighting hard. Things were not going the way that I had originally planned. Stiff competition, govt policies & difficult market scenario in the past couple of years have not been really favorable for us. But we didn't stop & give up. And well here we are. Trying to think out of the box like always & planning for the future, and hopefully the worst is over. We do have a lot of new plans that you would see coming to life in the coming months & years. We are rebuilding & regrouping, and the results will be shortly in front of you in the form of amazing new products & services that we wish to bring to you. We've already launched new categories and have a whole new range of products.

We have launched our own Indian Designer Wear collection under the brand K&A by Karishma and Ashita. We have Lehngas, Anarkali, Indo-Western, & more which will get you AW-Struck! We do have a Store for this in Mumbai as well which we would love you to visit.

We have a whole new range of Active-Wear, that's gonna make you feel completely motivated & self confidant, while your working out or playing a sport!

We have also launched Fabrics. So those of you who want to customize outfits for yourselves, please be welcome & check out our Fabric collection.

And lastly Fashion products like Dresses, Tops, Jumpsuits, Co-ords & more, which you know that we love. We couldn't miss out on these for sure. We are working hard to bring new & amazing items every week; just like the old times!!

So please do come and visit & show your love and support as you always have!

- Suraj Surana

Founder & CEO