EYECESSORIZE- Your daily dose of Sunglasses!!!

Shopping for Sunnies?
 It’s completely normal to go into a store or two and ideally walk around, trying on sunglasses left and right. There are sooo many options. Literally, rows and rows of sunglasses dotting the walls. Trouble-some, no?
Season’s style edit is right here & all you need to do is swing by the trendiest shades on the shelves this time & curate the most happening look for yourself. Wo-ah! Whether it’s your favorite Tee & shorts combo or a casual dungaree with round neck tops – everything looks perfect with stylish sunglasses!
For our picks for the best shades for you, keep reading!

Aviators- The Universally Flattering Ones!
These are the ones which are flattering to most faces. Why?
No matter your face shape, you’ll find that these teardrop shaped sunglasses balances things out.

Wondering, how to find yours? Your face shape? Oval, heart, square or what?
Every face is different. If you know, which frames flatter your unique features; it will make hunting down that perfect pair a breeze. Finding your face shape is the initial step, and we’ve got a few tips to help you do just that.
Once you know your face shape, you’ll be well on your way to finding frames that suit your style. YOUR FACE, YOUR FRAME !!

• Oval Shaped Face – A chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead. Lucky you! You’re in luck because your shape can stand up to tall lenses and a thick frame. You can wear just about any style (like any), confidently. Seize the opportunity to play with a variety of textures, colors and angles that’ll accentuate your best features. This is the perfect shape that every one desires to have!

• Round Shaped Face – Broader forehead, full cheeks and a rounded jaw line. Curves and less defined angles, haan!? Rectangle, square, and wrap are the keys to round-faced sunglass success. These curves are kickin’!

• Square Shaped Face – Broad forehead, square chin and strong jaw line. It stands that if square frames balance out a round face, round frames balance out — Oh, you guessed it right! — A square face. Aviators, butterflies, round or any frame style that favors oval or circular curves will work well for this face.

• Heart Shaped Face – Hey, heart-shaped lady! High cheekbones (Aah! Lucky you) and a well-defined narrow chin? Best of all! Opt for a playful look with frames that are wider than the forehead, and go-gaga for thinner temples to enhance your face symmetry!
Cat-eye shades or glasses that feature rounded edges are ideal for giving the wearer a more balanced look. These sunnies boast unique (but super-cool) appearance—best when you want to have a total rock-star moment. YO-YO!!

Oblong Shaped Face – As the name says, the face looks long and narrow. This works well with over-sized sunglasses. Just make sure to avoid small frames. Oval, round, aviators are some of the best picks for this.

• Diamond Shaped Face – Narrow jaw line and forehead, the cheekbones as the widest part of the face. Oval and rimless frames are suitable for such faces. Chashma-jachda-eh?

Looking for the shades we’re talking about?
Head to zooomberg.com & try these out for yourself and do let us know if we did do justice to your wardrobe today or not! Happy Shopping!
Stand out in your stunner shades, ladies and gentlemen!

By Sakshi Jain 

A globetrotter and a fashion enthusiast by heart and a wordsmith by profession!