Choosing an outfit everyday can be exhausting when you have a dozen options and insufficient time. During this pressured time, chaos over picking out the right outfit can take up ample time. Knowing the right color combinations to create a stunning outfit can spare a lot of time.
Well look no further, this blog will be providing you with great color combinations to make your mornings easy. Few most common and attractive color combinations will be mentioned below and the rest you can experiment yourself!



If your wardrobe has a lot of light colored apparels then you can create amazing outfits by just putting them together with their lover or in other words their right match. Let’s take the picture shown above as an example; the model is wearing a dark bottom with a light colored top. So basically try putting light with dark, white being an independent color will look great with any color you put it with but for other bright colors such as pink or peach, you should put try putting them with colors like beige, brown, black, denims or any other light colors like off-white, white, same color as them or pastel colors.

Light colors can also look great with other light colors; such combinations can give a bright glow. Wearing colors within the same family together can a little risky because it can either make you look awesome or it can ruin your whole appearance; the awesome all-white look pulled off by Jennifer Anniston in the movie “Just go with it”, is the perfect example here.


Dark colors give a bold look in the outfit and can be worn both casually as well as formally just like light colors due to their flexibility. Similar to light colors, these colors can be combined with light, dark and pastels. Classy colors such as maroon, black, burgundy, emerald green, etc., can be combined with the same colors, these can give you a look perfect for a glamorous date night to a regular work day.

Most common combinations include combining any color with an independent color such as black. Some other can be burgundy with white or black, emerald green with black, navy blue with black, white, mustard with beige or dark brown, maroon with off-white, dark pink with white, blue, yellow, black, pale military green with white, black, brown. There are a lot of combinations with dark colors and most of them are available in almost every closet, so start looking for other such combinations.


Pastel colors are very trendy these days. These colors look very cute and are easy to combine. For example, the shrug shown in above picture gives a very sexy as well as a smart look. Pastel colors can be glamorous, casual, formal and everything else you want them to, just need to put them together with the right partner. Pastels look great with shimmery golden or silver, this combination is usually used in traditional wear making them look classy as well as bright. If you have any pastel colored apparel in your wardrobe then start combining them with denims and other colors. They give a very bright glow and a very classy look


Prints never go out of style. If put together properly prints can make you look classy, cute, pretty, casual as well formal, all at the same time. While wearing printed apparel, make sure to pair it with something plain, because you don’t want to reflect the vibrant style of Janice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Where floral print remains ever-green, latest trend is being taken over by line and plain square check print these days. For instance, trousers with line print shown in above picture look gorgeous and smart paired with a plain white crop top and great pair of heels, this look make is suitable for casual as well as work look. There is a lot of variety in prints, line prints, checks, floral, small prints, polka dots, digital print etc. 


Denims are a classic in the fashion world, loved, appreciated and worn by everyone, denim is cheese for the fashion world. As they look great on everyone and have a uniform demand in the market, denims have taken over rapidly. There are denim shirts, shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, dungarees, shoes, belts, bags and what not. Denim is usually reflected as casual wear but it can be formal too. Denims are basic in everyday life. Denims can be combined with any color whether dark, light, pastel or floral, and that is the true beauty of denim, it makes comfort look classy.


There are some classic colors that look great with everything, these are basic colors or as I like to call them, independent colors. Colors like black white or shades of denim, these colors look awesome with every color their worn with, they look great when worn alone as well. These colors suit everybody and every closet must have these colors. You don’t need to think much when it comes to these colors or print, they are classic, easy to wear and can be easily combined with anything.


As quoted by artist Marc Chagall, "All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites." Try combining colors in your wardrobe with colors opposite to it or with colors within the same family.
Use colors that look good on you and avoid wearing colors similar to your tone as it can sometime give a pale appearance. Try finding colors that suits your tone, this makes you look classier, pretty and brings out a different glow.
Anything paired with denim jeans gives a casual look.
Embroidery or thread work looks descent and cute, try clothes with thread work or embroidery.

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