Ace is Lace!!!

Brush up your lace knowledge!

Ok Darlings! It’s time to check-out some lace dresses. They can make you look younger than you are and for some, it is an amazing outfit because that’s the look you have been thinking for. But, for others it is not the amazing one as they want to stay away from the younger look and wish to go with more of the chic vibe.
Lace dresses have been around for a while now, and still not going anywhere. From Hollywood to Bollywood, actresses are embellishing this trend and so should you!
They are flexible, elegant and tricky at the same time. From wrap dresses to sheath, to maxi dress, you have a bucket list to choose from. The sheerness of the lace fabric allows to play with it. You can be conservative and yet sexy in this fabric.

To help you find the perfect dress, we have picked some latest and trendy styles – long, short, long sleeve lace dresses and everything you are looking for – everything designed of lace’s which you are going to enjoy reading and use for an inspiration.

While always timeless and romantic, different lace textures create different looks depending on construction and layering. Knowing the type of lace you like and are most comfortable in, will help you in the long run with your dress or kimono or top or a gown hunt. Here are some varieties to keep in mind:

• Needlepoint Lace – It originated in France which is typically a floral design on sheer or net background; soft, cotton like texture. This is intricate, versatile yet classic!

• Eyelet Lace – Typically made with cotton, silk or satin. Its light and airy fabric, modern and flirty style adds a touch of boho to the dress or the gown.

• Guipure Lace – Venetian lace is another word for this lace. It has patterns, which are created by a series of close, embroidered stitches onto fine fabric. It is a firm, textured, sweet and stiff lace with a home-spun feel without a net background.

• Chantilly Lace – French lace made by braiding lengths and twisting of thread around bobbins; rich in detailing and patterns and are made with linen or silk. It is delicate floral, vintage and very romantic!

Brocade Lace – It is a combination of richly decorated shuttle-woven fabrics, often made in colored silks accented with gold and silver threads.

• Embroidered Lace It has delicate patterns tightly stitched onto an illusion base, forming the appearance of an appliqué.

• Knit Lace – Soft lace without tulle backing, making a more flexible fabric that contours around the body with ease.

• Mixed Lace – Different types of lace’s are combined for a modern yet chic look!

Lace is a go-to fabric for modern casual or party wear dresses. With its tangled construction, romantic floral and geometric details, lace is a staple that never fails to look fresh season after season. The lace dress never gets out of fashion; it is for sure a lifetime item you can always get out of your personal collection again. A lace dress is a must have fashion piece for every women.

Ahh! Not to mention the fact that wearing lace guarantees nailing at least 2 other trends along with it: exposed lingerie
(if you’re up for the challenge) and sheer anything for extra hotness.

So, are you up for the challenge and the showcase of extra hotness?

Sakshi Jain 

A globetrotter and a fashion enthusiast by heart and a wordsmith by profession!