September 26, 2015

Be your Girly self


I completely love the quote mentioned above said by one of the most amazing models of Victoria Secrets. Adriana Lima is one of the hottest and most stylish person I know. Fashion is truly about giving good energy to people. I believe that you should love what you wear, carry it with confidence and a big smile to have a beautiful aura around you. Positivism is very important and that will attract most people towards you. I feel most happy and positive in cute floral outfits. Here is one of the most adorable dresses I own from Zooomberg!
 I have several outfits from Zooomberg and I completely love them. There are very few stores online that pay attention to quality and I love that about Zooomberg! They always have the best clothes and they pay special attention to quality and feedback. I haven't come across any other store that cares so much about feedback. After every purchase they send you a feedback form and make sure to review it. I mostly have their floral dresses and they are adorable. I love the fitting, material and designs. 

I am wearing a floral dress with nude base and red/purple flowers on it. The dress has a gorgeous deep back and has a silhouette of a perfect skater dress. I love the glossy satin material of the dress and it feels really amazing when touched. It's the most comfortable cloth ever and I love wearing this dress. I think the material of the cloth really matters as our comfort level depends on it. 
I styled the outfit with a pair of bright red heels and kept everything else simple. I love the flow of the dress and it is a perfect summer comfy dress. You should definitely check out Zooomberg's collection and tell me how you like it.