Floral Power

June 05, 2015

Hey there!

So you guys know that florals have been going really big this year right? I have never seen florals being so much in limelight before. I m seeing such pretty prints and amazing floral dresses everywhere. From amazing midi skirts to skater dresses,  florals are making a mark everywhere. There is no doubt in the fact that I have been obsessed with them. I have to attend a lot of poolside and other parties this month and I wanted to make a statement with gorgeous floral flirty dresses. Also, you would notice that I have a thing for designer backs. I love to have outfits with gorgeous cutout backs. While surfing for such dresses I came across an online store called Zooomberg that had amazing outfits. 
I instantly fell in love with their collection and planned on buying two of the prettiest outfits that I have ever seen. Both have gorgeous backs and are floral but still very different and unique. The dress I am wearing in the pictures below is plain white with floral patches on it. I love how the dress is not full of floral prints but has a pretty design on either sides. The dress have a very unique silhouette with a semi hexagon type of shape at the bottom. The back has an open V shape and trust me it looks amazing! 
The best part about the outfit is that the quality is amazing. I always try to find outfit for you that are not made with thin material but with thick rich cloth that looks and feels amazing. Both the dresses I got from them have nice quality, perfect shape and unique designs. There is no point in buying dresses that look pretty but have thin material or are slightly see through. They will unnecessarily show your unwanted fats, make you feel uncomfortable and won't look good after one wash. But this dress is very sturdy and has a good built. I am absolutely in love with it. 
I styled the outfit with my bright red cross front heels and some Swarovski accessories. I have been loving the new collection of Swarovski. I can't wait to go indulge in some sinful shopping and buy some amazing stuff. I have left some curls on the top of my hair with a slightly straight look at the bottom. I have put Mac's Ruby Woo on my lips and I have to tell you that this is the best shade of red I have ever owned. 
Check out the pictures below!
 I hope you guys enjoyed this floral power post! You can check out Zooomberg on Facebook here and Instagram here. I can't wait to show you the other outfit I got from them! Pictures coming up soooon!

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